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sth. gross looking in the cupboard and i reach it to be dealt with. we recall that night and danced a mere tap in the chateau region and as a result the village of oak bay was flooded. now the village residents are clearing their diets and kept leaving the damages people were warned about the danger earlier before the flooding the inhabitants were a bad kitty to a local school which is located on the hill color that was so carried away the lives of five people were wounded. i saw the light tearing away a car i rushed home to my family and ran up
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the hill where the water did not breach the act. water is being pumped out of the village special forces and civil defence region and a clearing of the aftermath of this emergency situation a criminal case was initiated on the fact of lost lives because administered emergency situations announce that the dam was in good condition. with most of them even if the schools. a few moves along a two plus temperatures contributed to this the snow melted and there was an inflow of water from all sides tried to dig around the dam but from the size they were drops a little part of the water didn't get there but the backs of the weather was so strong that if the goal with a . with the memphis with the right to choose from with them. according to the governor the card and the region the villagers who suffered from the flags will be provided with financial assistance to local authorities will allocate funds from the reserve budget for this purpose. now the village was fourteen mobile units that are assessing the extent of the damage. people interested in the group is working in
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the construction area where repairs are required when it's necessary to help build a new home the other group is working separately on tap so they're counting the losses of animals villagers are also helping to clarify the overall picture and then compensated them a chance. in it. meals for people who've been indicated a given out in the school canteen necessary medical assistance is provided as well. the special commission established an office in the village and is investigating the factors that cause this emergency patrol police has been organizing the votes to prevent routine activities of the governor to condemn the region is supervising the prices of clearing up emergency aftermath catholics that is preparing to host international bank loan which nuclear fuel of the international atomic energy agency the start of the treaty on the base until the metallurgical plants as explained in a candidate for atomic energy of the ministry of industry new technologies the plan has all the necessary technologies integrated nuclear fuel bank and has extend some technical
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aspects dictated by an international standards of the international atomic energy agency still need to be dealt with experts are now working on it too is a kazakh sen as a host of this bank is not accidental. the republic has long established itself as an act of participant in the world movement for nuclear security. she does and has a very good history strengthening the nuclear nonproliferation regime. this creates an image of the country that is transparent in its peaceful nuclear activities the second is the technical capacity after becoming acquainted with the conditions of the storage facility until the plants and generally with the enterprise is called experts at the international atomic energy agency an international specialist recognize the deal the plantings on international security standards at the date for handling such materials. to some statistics. she would be stupid and stupid accommodation in the nuclear fuel bank on the character of the country's another step in strengthening the regime of non proliferation nuclear weapons the scads of the species will recognize we
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are reminded since independence the country had its disposal a powerful nuclear arsenal president has the right refuse nuclear warheads in august of nineteen ninety one and close down this in a nuclear testing say. to sum this in a nuclear test site was closed we missed and that was decisive enough to hold an arms race testing and krishna new types of weapons plus we gave up a nuclear arsenal which technically was on the territory of the republic of kazakhstan and doesn't stay legally was the possessor of that arsenal but it was decided not to develop in this military oriented direction the lisbon protocol was signed in which complex to join thelear nineteen ninety three and that isholics then not posse nuclear weaponss nuclear energy today is an important and indispensable resource used in industry medicine and science the president of the nazarene i' said many times of the campaign against the use of nuclear weapons should not hamper the development of the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes in his annual
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address in january two thousand for t he noted that kazakh steppe butts into the production of the full nuclear fuel cycle and to build nuclear power plants. employees in the nice girl suiting for the forthcoming increase of their sie from april first the rising out of ten percent will be added to the basic salary of civil servants employed in the government offices and state owned enterprises these include employees of education science held culture sports and social protection sectors. it doesn't present a threat to eliminate inefficient expenditures and allocate funds to increase salaries pensions and social benefits approval. japanese us. we workers of the hospital are very happy with a select expense and attitude to the government and head of state for their concern those who tried to improve the quality of medical care provided to our population has been used. she was working on the walls this is
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partially true to you internationally the mission xp two thousand seventeen will create about twenty thousand new jobs. this was announced today a debriefing of the service of social communications by kodak in yet. the chairman of the national company ask the expert two thousand seventeen he also noted that these initial bring great economic benefits and continue to develop and small and medium sized businesses created feasibility study of the project is being completed. after that the final cost of holding the exhibit will be determined is under thirty percent of the total cost of constructions will be comprised of investments the head of the national company guaranteed absolute return of the projects using the tools are intentional dividends as well. in particular on the base of the sedition or research institute teacher energy will be treated. we will though firstly it will be a sort of testing ground. secondly to be a scientific base which will be subsequently used for city development as well as energy developments you the center personnel development as well essentially bought six major companies as ibm will each be
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with her we are currently negotiating at the next was two thousand students will benefit greatly and will become a legacy for years to come the next generations will thank us for the creation of this base from which i watched it mostly via mobile. one of the loan you will be available open and it will proceed with its cool with a muzzle so bad. eco friendly buses will be sent us the depth within the framework of preparations for the financial exhibits an extra two thousand seventeen the capitals authorities ordered three hundred and fifty buses will run on natural gas deal to write haiku of service to passengers in terms of quality comfort and safety the plan for filling orders for the production of buses is located in the domain france. the dark moon that the commission the technology for natural gas is the best option for catholics than that as a large quantity of this natural resource s alliance with a large scale use of this type of fuel at the same time the use of natural gas cuts emissions of gases that are damaging to health the environment it is the level of particles and
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nitrogen dioxide. each muscle to just under one thousand man hours to build the transport will be adapted to cope with the extremes of catholics and klein it's the bus model has already been tested in cool conditions and can withstand temperatures below minus fourteen degrees centigrade the buses will include an enhanced heating system double glazed windows and a system to ensure the motor is not adversely affected by the call of the tunes are buses will be adapted to meet the demands of skeptics and klein it's really just a natural gas system for the engine also the interior of the vehicle will be resistant to temperatures in cows expand the contract to supply the buses were a little over one hundred million years it will mean jobs for french workers after long period of economic decline and financial uncertainty in europe. it's the context of catholics that is good news good news for the company which is the main employer in the area which has lost a lot of jobs in the past fifteen years our industrial base is another tip is content to help us to progress even further in developing environmentally clean technology. the first buses are to be delivered to
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a stunning july this year with the rest delivered before the end of two thousand fourteen. british travelers to me then check in at the trevor received the award of the british society for the contribution to the strengthening of the british catholic relations. the awarding ceremony was held on the eve of the riley's yet to decide to london where expedition members talked about their sixty three day trek on horseback from a scan on a course called auntie according to the members of the expedition the notes of charles howard varying the anti itch aristocrats colored military politician and fashion adventures visited the kazakh steppes about a century ago inspired them and to visit the situation country. most travelers have extensive experience of visiting different countries. jamie is a travel magazine edited and now he's a professional guide preparations for the kazakh expedition took almost three years. the route ran along the roads was his but postal services and satisfaction according to the researchers they have opened up new places. the communication of local residents and neat and capturing the greatest moments and perfect images of
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landscapes people there are very interested. foreigners and tourists than girls who are extremely hopeful. will the people we've met along our way. of course writing they did really help the sound of this to get to a multi state prison. yet the people are fantastic. if all the plants we do that cousin sam was just a place on the map. the wedding we got ben and me met the people when the country be found at the welcoming place. he really likes it either does not come at a table that side the eagles hunters are reviving the ancient traditions of their ancestors by emily hosted the first open championship the hunting birds readers the strongest golden eagle hunters from across the country gathered in a diary to showcase their skills. the tradition of hunting with these noble words exists over six thousand years already sanctioned craft was included in the nest intangible
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cultural heritage list in two thousand and ten the competition was attended by seven teams and twelve birds. the golden eagle is a sacred bird for the kazakh nation even the national flag in the streets of gold instead. eagle. the ancient tradition is now being actively arrived in nine regions of the country they're already hunting birds including young eagles in the country registered documentation stating the population holding competitions we are conducting a serious job created tensions that are three keys that it is encouraging that we are finding support. hunting birds refer to the seven sacred values of the the so called because of that the biennial competition became one of the local eagle breeders is also practical the national championship in the summers here is a little the latest news is that three got the dogs cuts out that stevie got kate said
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amendments to the lawn accident insurance for workers are being considered it does expand at the moment return to the right the general insurance companies to provide accident insurance on par with life insurance companies is being discussed. aside from this experts think that they should be legislative amendments regarding occupational illnesses. so that's out. for those adorable. westminster. we are discussing age limit and to which payments will be made to accident victims at them and there is no limit to the limit of retirement date has been discussed. also new ways of assessment of damages are being considered. thomas muir he would refuse to listen to amazon. she knew it according to the date of the national bank last year life insurance companies collected more than three hundred and forty five million dollars in insurance premiums. this indicators thirty percent higher than in the year two thousand and
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twelve. the volume of retail sales including the bows and every of two thousand fourteen degrees at one point seven percent over the month the market news agency reports that indicate that the uk office for national statistics. the rise in retail sales exceeded the forecast by more than three times. analysts that participated in the survey bloomberg on average forecast of a zero point five percent increase. the optimism of consumers is cosmic expansion of the labor and release the markets which are supporting the recovery of the vp economy the bank of england last month published as the forecast according to which group of expenditures of households this year will be more than three percent exceeding the inflationary test rating agency fitch affirmed its ratings of the largest banks in us and europe friend agency reports this was done in connection with a reassessment of the level of support of world bank's as well as within the framework of the periodic the foundation of the readings of major banking groups as the issuer default ratings of morgan stanley jpmorgan chase citigroup and goldman sachs were afraid of
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the same time fitch lowered the outlook of the civic theater for bank of america from stable to negative justifying it by the decrease the probability of the us government provided support to this bank in the future. a friend with a reclusive swiss ups in the second largest credit suisse tradition barclays all with a stable outlook for financial banking group pmp paradise and hsbc bank. the believer stable outlook springs resort to bank lloyds bank and so steep it and i were downgraded from stable to negative. now my picks up the sun a cross licensing agreement on customs in accordance with the agreement that will pay royalties to watch her suffer from eczema promotes the sport and enjoy. like herself in turn will provide to look back and protection aside from this according to representative of my piece of demos licensing intellectual property rights over the xbox console. so you'll still another one of its office buildings in tokyo a visit to the reports the company
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agreed in the sale price of sixty eight million dollars previously the ex headquarters of the corporation were sold for one hundred and fifty six million dollars ice cream
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market. boy am of the kazakhstan ice cream market in twenty twelve amounted to forty million readers. the market's growth dynamics is positive. three to four percent for year in real terms. my girl monitor estimation per capita consumption of ice cream and presents than a month to two point three to two point four liter is free here the majority of consumers reside in cities with a high population. regarding the price ranges and some ice cream market there a super premium products. it was low priced products available experts predict a decline in the low price segment due to the increase of ice cream cause changes in consumer preferences. the complexity of the rising market is evidenced by yet another factor restrictions on street reading unique increasing difficulty in obtaining permission to sell ice cream
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chill. i know. streets. what are you in the inning chilling portrait fourth street seven hundred s it's just that. one deals with an expanded each project's lead essential growth. sharing strategies which can procure a couple of chats with string
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and the unions economic how much we want to for expanded to other. and all deceit is that it's time to decrease it and it's priceless. and also to have the energy produced as close to the client as possible. so on to lunch and we are and preparing and who would be doing. she looks european energy projects on the other hand we needs. it's the same shot ice storm and its sources in different areas. the other was adopted and are eager to use the european summit that was enough to eat. damage caused by forty nine after his office. not only in that it is ten years ago. what a wealth of the top ten years to settle for half of all may need this has taken on one time in the state to pay for my magic that happens to the uk can sometimes take nine to ten months. the bbb
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to speed up the payments. it can be done with rule changes that as well for having that well having that on monday the very beginning when the defense. they need specs tea. you think it's only a mechanic especially at this event. what about the kickbacks. paul scholes the gospel through the fight to the funds can be used in a more transparent and flexible way the boss. banks was fishing a good april two thousand and ten at st michael got people will put its case to be bursting at the unit searched the kitchen actually reads all to see what but isn't this a therapy practitioners the acidity is key to the eighteen thousand patients this operation such as margaret called and asked for several months off of the entry and i can afford the treatment has received a very big difference in taste
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that made a batch of cookies it was. blessed us with backstory programs designed to try to come to the sitcom office this is what is going to the district stuff the crisper to behave in a hostel in a couple times. it isn't just hope that they have to be about the legacy greed is good the wood. you just next door to the hospice the korean protection accorded to fight back in two thousand and ten. jointly funded by brick to koreans and americans is designed to educate students in a variety of occasions including vehicle with copics structured well to having that tricks like to compute overpass and death. it was not too severe. soon i know it what goes on. it was. no wobble in order to get it
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over. the body. the char us aig study life expectancy has increased from forty to sixty two. is there del three twenty we adults and school has just been held on to the top of. the list on the entry and you want one of the spurs top of their institutions to focus on improving education and healthcare. just for a hospice of the textbook which helped the country which works towards the future they get the shot of the last three to five years to protect against all the different strains of flu around the world including possible pandemic like this one the facts pharmaceuticals exploded next to the blacksmith institute of science in which israel has developed just such a universal flu vaccine flu vaccines till now can target
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only a few strains of virus so each year scientists must try to predict the strains that will appear in the upcoming winter season the bird that sings every year. it is good not since the fall of nations and the tomato into this week with perfection. if it means that you cannot be devoted to the seventy s of the events in the future. in the cleaver totally sterile environment the technician is preparing to back seats that will soon be used in the first clinical trials in humans utility costs. i've been busy what they can keep improving to do it. then the participants' blood samples at the prospect of a sleigh have any antibodies in it tested chemical retired from
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playing the influenza virus that if they do. it was a winner and will tie the knot at the back pocket. but will the task seemed effective against the notorious eighteen flu swine flu director kylie. little did they the wind will not confront our region that we selected the couple said that we share gospel but it's quite the snow to get the fray. they hope to read the official council if they kind of battle. of course the only way to know for sure is to expose the blood samples from the clinical trials to the actual flu virus is right here in this land for him. will we do not forget the wind but we hope you can get it and implement the study would begin with and when should it. any response. i have. i am ten am i think. david looked into it. between work and
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hopefully when i get to see that they would end. slept like something to look. it sickens me that kind of people mention the ages expect he still spends one hundred and fifteen children in remote region of south east mauritania. this year the brands that you can intensify. there's not enough cost of the goat cheese to melt the children. the cops than cry. thank you. she is now dependent on the weekly supply of corn so it kind of reaching nutritious fruit mix the sugar and oil from the local nutrition santa to feed the children. the same time. this applies to me ms said. this influx of non us children when they are usually happy cases. already becoming a martini has launched an action scene national plan. this is what it is to reinforce its
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response and make sure the needed supplies are in place. the challenge remains reaching children remote and often isolated and is discussed in sparsely populated country. next he'll be the story a bit extreme the smoke so when it is surely a typical population to reach because they're completely isolated the coverage of health and sports. this is your sting it is a region that is difficult to execute its security. so all of the commission published a very difficult to access didn't offer the product or services that respond to their circumstances. at the time to waste the trees you see and to invest in agriculture health nutrition services. it is a joint initiative by boyd un agencies including cuba said adf am typing in china. as well as the government and a networking channels. the last three years to successfully
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reach some of my discrete eastern time. a package on the tokyo touches down on coffee from africa achieved overnight thousand free tickets and friends. smart cars manufactured in europe i spotted cruising the streets of ancient and ever increasing speed communication transportation and technology. all neighbors in this interconnected. a world that it's facing challenges from isis justice of virus can spread so panic to the next saving the world. no one's immune. on top of finance agenda is the world's economic health. challenges remain. there is hope international cooperation and partnership and the right mix of economic policies to create the opportunities that are education and investment in the future. a family of nations each contributing to
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the help of the hole the world. also on the wet and meets the network's top award. it's believed to be the worst second largest copper reserves and is in afghanistan's minister of mines when the seller id was money for my hero and the size to be used to rebuild the country after thirty years the war when it comes in for the festivities just let it go too long ago blaming seemed to be too good to be. mr was the nation's mineral wealth more than three trillion dollars. us intelligence the wanted to explore the country's mineral wealth back in the eighties but the primary obstacle to the destruction was a lack of security. the problem that still faces the knesset today
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now he sighs heavily guarded by afghan security forces to attract many foreign investors who are competing on beats for mining projects one of the properties of the afghan government has to be sure that the revenues coming from the huge reserves will creates revenues for the local community. in two thousand and seven. the china metallurgical group corporation won a tender to mine copper at the site and i'm back south east of kabul in future due to be in a whirlpool or collective project. each project. he did the job. the tickets remained of the day before. to ensure that most of what to do in the needed to get a little tough though he didn't talk to me because of the kitchen china is not hilly country investing afghanistan india pakistan and iran are actively seeking my exploration deals offering enormous amounts of money that would also pay for power plants and with a roasted and afghanistan with south and central asia. at the nec
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excavation of honor at the morgue and minerals are killed just to discover three but his modest restated on the first of the sentence reads. it's been described as the most significant archaeological find in afghanistan. they reached a no call for iran's right from the natives so the arctic fox will be relocated block to block two purpose built museum nearby. and if you should still be taken to the national museum trouble and has them on. these men so i'm going to be. both bushes lincoln was a kid. when all was going on. wouldn't that be. in theory the growth of the mining industry show contact center. also the reason i'm only. two explosions at it. when we
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